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 Did your vote count?
 Date: 2006-11-08 17:57:34
 From an SAIC Report on the Diebold Voting machines:

"And it is a world of completely inconsistent realities. Diebold and the other manufacturers insist that their machines are safe and secure yet every single cyber security expert and computer scientist has, for years, been screaming into an empty wilderness of media attention, that . . .

The machines can be hacked, by the implanting of malicious code, at the factory.

The machines can be hacked during transport from the factory.

The machines can be hacked while on "Sleepovers" before the election.

The machines can be hacked (in 1 minute with a .50cent mini bar key) during the election, and

These machines can be hacked, at the tabulator, after the election.

What makes this SAIC report, called "The Pentagon Papers of Electronic Voting" by some computer experts, so important is that:

1. It shows, in black and white, that what Diebold says to election officials and voters across the country is not the truth.

2. It shows that there are virtually no security protocols in place for certain Diebold machines and that the recommended security protocols were purposely removed.

3. It shows that the analyzed Diebold machines were not functional nor secure for use in elections and raises serious doubts that they are ready for the November 7, 2006 Midterm elections."

Count me as pissed off and damn mad that these pieces of crap are being shoved down our throats. AND NO, I don't think that either political party is trying to steal the vote. As far as I'm concerned, there is no conspiracy to 'steal the vote'. The only conspiracy here is that of manufacturers of shoddy goods trying to foist off dodgy kit on the unsuspecting public....~Steve>




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