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 Time for a change?
 Date: 2006-02-07 17:48:53
 The status quo has been challenged. Dale Sewell, N4SQG, has thrown his hat in the ring in the race for ARRL's North Florida Section Manager. I received an email forwarded to me the other day and it attached was Dale's election platform, along with an endorsement from Steve, N4GXX. When I heard Dale's name, I remembered back to the days, the halcyon days of the early 90's, when the locals used to get on packet and keyboard back and forth, just shooting the breeze. Dale was one of the regulars back then. He impressed me then as a gentleman's ham and an all around nice fella.
Fast forward to 2006. It'd be poilte to say there is a bit of disaffection within the ARRL concerning many matters, but it appears that emergency ops is one that triggers many local's hot buttons. I'd even be fair to say that there is some unrest and dissatisfaction with regards to some areas of section management. Some of you have probably heard me voice MY opinion, so we'll not go there for now. But if your looking for an alternate to "the way things are", then perhaps it's time for a change. To quote from Dale's letter:

"I am Dale Sewell N4SGQ and I am running for Section Manager of Northern Florida. This election is about bringing us together as a Section to function as a whole, as one community, one ARES program, and section that knows what is happening because it is kept informed rather than in the dark. A Section that consistently trains, exercises, and communicates the same way from one end to the other. Sure it sounds impossible. Not trying will guarantee that it is impossible. That's what we've accomplished so far but we can do better and we will do better. We will do better because we have the talent in the Section to help make it happen. "

Here's the rest of the letter (any transcription errors are mine, BTW).

Give it some thought, and vote your conscience......Perhaps its time for a change....73's DE ~Steve>




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